family owned &operated 


Ted and Paula- Owners

Katrina- Manager

Ashley- Bartender

Haylee- Bartender

Audrey- Bartender/Server

Helena- Bartender/Server

Jenn- Bartender/Server

Nadia- Server

Jacob- Server

Angie- Server

Natalie- Server



1955- Frick (short for Francis) and Alta bought the building from Bob and Pauline Johnson for $18,000. It was called Johnson's restaurant, known for the good food. They eliminated a lot of the food but put a big hamburger in the menu. Frick didn't believe in changing the name of a business. However the customers kept saying "Let's go to Frick's". The customers over time changed the name. After a couple years he put up a new sign. The whole family, which included Frick, Alta, and their children Ted and Sandy, lived upstairs above the bar. They moved in and the kids went to Cook Elementary. Perrine was a gravel road.  Sandy and Ted both started working at ages 8 and 10. They would haul out the garbage, clean the kitchen before school. Before Ted was 11 he could cook everything on the menu. They sold draft beer for a dime and a bottle of beer for fifteen cents. Hamburgers were a quarter.  Ted soon found his love for pool which helped grow the business. It was twenty cents a game.

1970-Frick passed away. Ted made a deal with his mother to buy them out. Ted was 24 at the time and was married to Paula Wilczynski by the time. Paula had been around the bar since she was 11 years old too. They had two kids by the time Mike (5) and Laura (3). He put Mike in Cook School.

1974- Put on a 2000 square foot addition. The drinking age went down to 18. They had four pool tables at the time. Drawing in players from all over the state to play in their pool tournaments. Ended up being the biggest pool promoters in the state of Michigan for about forty years. 

1980's- First satellite dish in Midland. Everyone came to the bar to watch the Tigers. First bar in Midland to get a liquor license and lottery license. Bought out three adjoining residents which enabled them to expand.

1991- Built a 2400 square foot addition.  They moved from four pool tables to eleven. They got involved with American Pool Players Association. They started running an in house league. They hosted the districts and regionals and still do to this day.